welcome to lynnwood food bank

Thank you for your interest in our community!

We love Lynnwood and all the people that make us a community.  We are proud to be part of a neighborhood that believes in people and takes steps to help each other during difficult times.

If you are currently struggling, we are happy to help you. Check out our pages that share our services and more information about how to get help.

If you are currently looking to help our neighbors and serve our community, we are happy to help you reach those goals. Check out our pages that share our needs and how to become a volunteer.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our love of our community. 

Thank you!


Office Schedule

Mondays 8am - 2pm

Tuesday 8am - 2pm

Wednesday 8am - 7pm

Thursdays 8am - 11am

Fridays 8am - 2pm

Saturdays 8am - 2pm

Grocery Rescue position information:

Grocery Rescue is one of the most important parts of our operation. A large of the food that we distribute each week comes from the donations made by our local grocery stores. We are currently serving an average of 1,100 families and 3,400 individuals with groceries each month and we are proud of the large percentage of fresh food that we are able to provide.


Representing the Lynnwood Food Bank, visit various grocery stores to pick up donations to the food bank. While at the grocery store, sort the donations into various categories, weigh the donations on the portable scale, and complete documentation for the grocery store management. Transport the food back to the food bank and store appropriately in dry, refrigerated, or frozen storage. Provide appropriate paperwork to the food bank director.



  •          Be over 18 years of age to assist, 21 years of age to drive
  •          Have a valid driver’s license to drive, valid identification to assist
  •          Have a good driving record for driving
  •          Be able to bend
  •          Be able to lift up to 50 pounds

Tuesdays 8am - 2pm

Driving Partner and Non-driving Partner


Wednesdays 8am - 1pm

Driving Partner and Non-driving Partner

If interested in participating in our Grocery Rescue program, please send us an e-mail at lynnwoodfoodbank@comcast.net or call us at 425-745-1635. Thank you!

Letter from the director

As a community, we may not be facing starvation but we are facing food insecurity that is defined as the state of being without reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Malnutrition based on access to poor quality food and unequal access to affordable healthy foods afflicts not just our community but throughout our nation.

At the Lynnwood Food Bank, we understand that food insecurity is a larger issue than just wondering where you are going to get the food to feed your family from, but that root causes are many and varied. Sometimes people are suffering a lay-off, lack of living wages, lack of food literacy, addiction, or one of the many other reasons that cause poverty. Unfortunately, the Food Bank cannot address all those causes, but we can make a difference in some of those areas for some of our families.

We are choosing to fight food literacy issues by providing more information about healthy foods options, how to prepare them, and offering cooking demonstrations.

We realize that many families have to choose between paying utilities, rent, gas to get to work, and groceries. We offer supplemental groceries to help make some of those choices easier for families. We also collaborate with The Salvation Army to offer financial assistance to contribute to utility bills and provide gasoline to help people get to work.

We have adopted a health initiative to help increase health equity to the lower income families of Lynnwood.

“The Lynnwood Food Bank's focus is ensuring that all residents of Lynnwood have access to nutritious foods no matter the content of their wallet. We are focusing on health equity by ensuring healthier food options, nutrition education, and empowering our neighbors to live healthier lives.”

As we make an effort to bring health equity to our community we have also partnered with Washington State University's SnohomishCounty's SNAP-Education program to provide cooking demonstrations and nutrition classes to our seniors and families that utilize our services.

As the City of Lynnwood expects to grow by 10,000 people over the next ten years, we are preparing to meet the challenges that will come with the growth of our city. If you would like to support our efforts, you may do so by:
1. Making healthy choices when planning your gifts
2. Donate fresh produce, meats, and dairy on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for our Wednesday afternoon distribution
3. Share you expertise, recipes, and time

Thank you for your support of the Lynnwood Food Bank; we could not offer the services that we do if it were not for your gifts of time, money, and groceries.


Alissa Jones
Lynnwood Food Bank Director

Learn more about the difference between equality and equity in this article focused on food environment from Berkeley Health Online by Barbara Laraia.   Another interesting article by The Renewal Project is titled, "5 ways food banks and local nonprofits act at community health care organizations".