our story

The Lynnwood Food Bank started in 1978 as Joseph’s Closet in the Lynnwood Church of the Nazarene, now currently known as Silver Creek Family Church. We have been providing grocery supplements to households with a need in Lynnwood for more than 40 years. In 1982 we became a member of the Snohomish County Coalition of Food Banks operating under the church’s non-profit charitable status. In February 2004, the Food Bank incorporated and we were granted our own separate 501(c)(3) status for donor clarification.

After several years of planning and much growth in our services, we opened the doors to our current facility in 2007, located on the back of the property of Silver Creek Family’s Church just steps from where we began serving our community so many years ago.

The Lynnwood Food Bank has a dedicated Board of Directors with active volunteer members from the community, Silver Creek Family Church, and volunteers of the Food Bank. Our food bank director, Alissa Jones, oversees daily operations of the Food Bank. Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization, with an average of 125 volunteers each month providing an average of 2,331 monthly volunteer hours. Volunteers serve in every aspect of the food bank from driving our vehicles to sorting our donations, from distributing our food to providing data entry, and everything in between.

Providing supplemental groceries for our community is possible because of the generosity that also exists in our community. We received 754,835 lbs. of donated food in 2016 in addition to the food we receive from government commodities, Food Lifeline, and Northwest Harvest. We also purchase food with your gifted dollars to balance our groceries out with protein and produce. This allowed us to distribute 1,161,902 lbs. of food in 2016 to 13,113 households and 40,557 people.

Thank you for your support!

our numbers

January 2016: We served 1,011 households and 3,055 people with 89,691 lbs. of food with 122 volunteers.

February 2016: We served 996 families and 2,942 people with 88,234 lbs. of food with 123 volunteers.

March 2016: We served 1,224 families and 3,768 people with 108,045 lbs. of food with 122 volunteers.

April 2016: We served 1,022 families and  3,087 people with 90,076 lbs. of food with 131 volunteers.

May 2016: We served 949 families and 2,920 people with 84,322 lbs. of food with 115 volunteers.

June 2016: We served 1,301 families and 4,068 people with 115,283 lbs. of food with 123 volunteers.

July 2016: We served 1,007 families and 3,059 people with 89,202 lbs. of food and 123 volunteers.

August 2016: We served 1,276 families and 3,828 people with 113,526 lbs. of food and 120 volunteers

September 2016: We served 982 families and 3,054 people with 87,200 lbs. of food and 120 volunteers.

October 2016: We served 952 families and 2,963 people with 84,675 lbs. of food and 131 volunteers.

November 2016: We served 1,339 families and 4,406 people with 118,354 lbs. of food and 146 volunteers.

December 2016: We served 1,054 families and 3,407 people with 93,294 lbs. of food and 127 volunteers.