Our mission is to assist people who are hungry in the City of Lynnwood and South Snohomish County by providing a highly efficient food distribution center.

The Lynnwood Food Bank is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that collects and distributes more than 1.3 million pounds of food each year to low-income children, adults and seniors. The Food Bank currently serves an average of 1,881 households (avg. 6,236 individuals) each month.


As we fulfill our mission on a weekly basis, we have created a planning committee of active volunteers to consider the future of the Food Bank and how we can increase our efforts to improve the lives of our neighbors.

All members of the committee agree that working towards health equity in our community is essential. We have begun working towards providing options of healthier food choices, which are difficult to come by on a tight household budget. We are working towards providing easier access to healthy diet information, such as recipes that use foods received from the food bank, healthy food swaps, and more.

Additionally we are working with other programs to provide examples of how to prepare the foods that they receive and introduce fun ways to incorporate health and fitness into their lifestyle.  We are working towards offering nutrition classes that will continue to increase knowledge with our families.

As the community continues to expand and the City expects to grow by an additional 10,000 people in the next 10 years, we expect that this will affect the need for food security in our neighborhood. We are looking to find ways to expand our work and storage areas by increasing covered outdoor working space.

Our Leadership

Executive Director: Alissa Jones

With 25 + years experience providing social services to families and individuals in need, Alissa found her way to the Lynnwood Food Bank after determining that she needed to focus more on people in her own neighborhood. Alissa enjoys working directly with people, both the families at the Food Bank and the volunteers that make the Food Bank operate so effectively.  Alissa leads the Food Bank with flexibility, thoughtfulness, and kindness hoping that everyone feels their value after leaving the Food Bank.

Operations Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator: Jinx

Jinx found her way to the Food Bank several years ago after retiring from the field of research administration. Jinx brought her love of helping people and organization with her to the Food Bank and she leads the volunteers with her creative ideas, insight, and compassion. We appreciate her many hours of service, her dedication to our purpose, and her love for everyone she comes in contact with.

Warehouse/ Driver Supervisor: Shane

Shane found his way to Lynnwood Food Bank through our internship program. After six months of his internship, we could not let him get away. Shane keeps our warehouse in order and ensures that the stock is always First In First Out and that our vehicles are in working order.  Shane brings his ever helping hand to the Food Bank, serving both our customers and our volunteers with friendliness and an effort to make everyone's job a little easier.  We appreciate his efficient manner, his passion for making people's lives easier, and his love of our community.

Program Assistant: Liz

Liz joined the Food Bank leadership team in 2022 after volunteering with us for seven years. Liz has a true gift for connecting with people. Her love of people is obvious in her interactions and the way our customers love working with her. Liz works directly with our customers each week, with our food truck, outreach, and nutrition education programs. Liz intends to build a career in the world of nonprofits, serving her community, and we are happy she has chosen to begin her career with us at the Food Bank.

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Our board of directors

The Board of Directors of Lynnwood Food Bank are a very dedicated group of individuals from our community. Each member is concerned with ensuring that the food insecure individuals and families in our community have somewhere to turn for help, some place where they do not fear judgment and are treated with kindness and respect. Health equity is also a concern, that our families have the opportunity to make healthier choices for their families despite their income status. Additionally, each board member is dedicated to our mission, purpose, and to serving our community.

Our members include:

  • Mike Miller, President of the Board
  • Alissa Jones, Food Bank Executive Director/ Vice President
  • Matt Appel, Treasurer
  • Lynn Hinnenkamp, Secretary
  • Keith Sessions, Member
  • Julieta Altamirano-Crosby, Member
  • Deborah Kilgore, Member
  • Tammy Keuser, Member
  • Phong Nguyen, Member
  • Selam Habte, Member

our volunteers

Volunteers at the Lynnwood Food Bank are the backbone of everything we do. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of our organization from collecting food, to data entry, to board members, to sweeping the floor. Everyone pitches in and everything is done each week with amazing efficiency and dedication to the Food Bank’s purpose, ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry.

Each week our volunteers work hard to meet our mission and the Board of Directors appreciates all the volunteers and their time and effort in creating such an efficient food bank.

Our volunteers range in age from 12 years old to being in their late 80’s and come from every walk of life. Together we work hard and serve our community, all while enjoying each other’s company and building relationships.

If you are interested in partnering with the Lynnwood Food Bank to serve our community,

click here for more information.


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