Cooking & Nutrition Classes

These classes (about 10 - 20 minutes) are full of nutrition information to help

you live a healthier life. The classes are listed below in order and we

always have more coming soon.  Enjoy!

Check our You Tube channel for more videos!

  • Healthy Eating Made Simple
  • Spanish Rice & Nutrition
  • Vegetarian Chili & Nutrition

Healthy Eating made simple

Learn more about My Plate, nutrition labels, healthy swaps and more with Dietetic Intern Lauren!


Spanish rice: a cooking and nutrition education class

Not just a cooking demonstration, but a class to teach you cooking and nutrition all at once. Join Katie, a Dietetic Intern at Lynnwood Food Bank as she teaches us about food and cooking.


Vegetarian Pinto Bean Chili - spicy!

Dietetic intern Katie shares a delicious recipe while giving spice alternatives. Included in this class, cooking and nutrition information that will help you in your quest to better health.