Lynnwood food bank

grocery distribution

We provide groceries to families and individuals in our community.  Families may come to the Food Bank every  week to receive services which include canned and dry goods, meats, deli and dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, desserts, bread, and miscellaneous items. Each week’s distribution will be different based on donations received throughout the week.

We receive groceries from: You, government commodities (TEFAP, EFAP, CSFP, FEMA), Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest, Safeway, Albertsons, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Central Market,  Cash & Carry, Sprouts, and food drives from local schools, businesses, churches, and individuals.  Thank you!

Deliveries - coming soon

We are currently in the works to provide a delivery service to senior citizens and disabled individuals that are homebound and unable to access food bank services.  

Our vehicle has arrived and now we are recruiting for volunteers before signing customers up for delivery. We will begin with Wednesday deliveries and when full we will add Fridays.  Thank you to major funders, the City of Lynnwood and Verdant Health Commission!

If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please let us know at and write 'delivery program' in the subject line.

More information coming soon!

South Lynnwood Mobile distribution

Mobile distribution in South Lynnwood!

Making services more accessible, if you live in South Lynnwood or if you are at work or school during our traditional distribution, you can come see us on Saturday morning in the community.

Our truck has refrigeration and a freezer which allows us to offer many of the same foods you find at the food bank building. Bring your own bags and come check us out!

Saturdays 9:30am - 10:30am

At Whispering Cedars apartment complex, at the mailboxes

6501 208th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Get your groceries from the food truck in South Lynnwood!

Edmonds community college

partnership food pantry

Everybody jokes about the starving college students that live on ramen noodles, but it is true and it isn't very funny. A 2016 study has shown that 48% of college students have experienced food insecurity and 22% reported experiences very low food insecurity.  At four-year colleges the food insecurity level rate is reported at 20% and at the community college level the rate is reported at 25%.

Locally at Edmonds Community College they average about 10,754 students per quarter.

  • 40% are full-time students
  • 83% of the students live within eight miles of the campus
  • 33% work in addition to their studies
  • 22% have children or other dependents in their care
  • 29% are receiving need-based financial aid
  • 32% are receiving any financial aid

Based on the above study, there are approximately 2,689 students at EdCC that are food insecure.

In Spring of 2018 Edmonds Community College opened a Food Pantry to help students that may not have enough food at home. They have been open twice per week, allowing each student to attend once per week.

In September 2018 Lynnwood Food Bank joins EdCC to ensure that the students in our community have enough nutritious food to study, learn, work, and succeed in their efforts to improve their lives.  Every Thursday of the month Lynnwood Food Bank will operate a mobile Food Pantry in place of the student Food Pantry for students and staff. 

We will be able to bring fresh fruits, vegetables and breads along with frozen meats in addition to the staples of canned and boxed foods.  We are excited about this opportunity to assist the young people in our community as well as the older students that are making efforts to improve their lives.  We believe in our students are we are proud of them.

If you would like to provide for the students in our community, we would love the following items:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, cereal, breakfast bars
  • Lunch: peanut butter (other nut), jelly, canned meat, mayo, lunch meat
  • Meal helpers: Hamburger Helper, macaroni and cheese, pasta, rice, etc.
  • Study snacks: protein bars, granola bars, 
  • Beverages: shelf milk, shelf almond milk, coffee
  • Dairy: yogurt, cheese
  • Produce: long life fruits and vegetables, salads
  • Protein: chicken, beef, tofu - please freeze before donating, no pork
  • Specialty: gluten free, vegan

Edmonds School District

partnership food pantry

In Spring of 2018 Nourishing Network began the process of opening four pop-up food pantries in the four quadrants of Edmonds School District. The first pantry to open as a pilot was located at Beverly Elementary in Lynnwood.  

Throughout the summer of 2018 Nourishing Network and the area Food Banks (Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace) began talking about how we can all work together to provide food for the students with the highest needs.

In October 2018 Lynnwood Food Bank and Nourishing Network will begin a pilot partnership operating a pop-up style food pantry at Beverly Elementary.  This year's pilot will be a little bit different than last year's program because Lynnwood Food Bank will be providing fresh produce, meat, and other items that were not available last year due to lack of storage. 

We are excited about this collaboration between Edmonds School District, Nourishing Network, Lynnwood Food Bank, and area churches. Each organization will bring several items to the table and focus on the families that the school's Resource Advocate believes needs the most assistance.  As the program at Beverly proceeds further pop-up pantries throughout the district will begin to open.

If you would like to donate towards this program, a financial donation would be greatly appreciated so that we are able to purchase specific items in bulk (such as shelf stable milk, fresh produce, etc.).  

Thank you for your support in our newest program!

Cooking demonstrations

& nutrition education

Providing nutrition education is as important to Lynnwood Food Bank as providing healthy food. We know that it is not enough to provide the healthy food if our customers do not know how to prepare it.

Washington State University's Snohomish County SNAP Education Program Coordinator, Tori, comes to Lynnwood Food Bank twice a month to provide cooking demonstrations.  Tori plans in advance with the Food Bank Director to create recipes using items that the Food Bank plans to distribute that week. She shares her recipes, demonstrates how to prepare the recipe and then gives everyone a tasty sample of what she has made.  As a nutritionist Tori is also able to answer any questions that anyone has about food and diet.

During Summer 2018, Lynnwood Food Bank partnered with WSU SNAP Ed., Verdant Health and Safeway to provide mini nutrition classes.  Each Wednesday in August during distribution,  the SNAP Ed. Program Coord. taught 15 minute classes covering various issues in nutrition.  Those that participated and were receiving SNAP benefits qualified for a $10 gift coupon to Safeway to be used for fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables. 

We believe these classes were a success with about 35 people participating each Wednesday.   We hope to be able to continue with the nutrition class program in the future.

Lynnwood Food Bank also shares recipes and nutrition tips on a digital billboard for people to read while waiting in line.  These recipes always include items that people see regularly at the food bank.

For additional recipes and nutrition tips, check out the Lynnwood Food Bank on Facebook!

Dental Van partnership

with medical teams international

We are very fortunate to be working with Medical Teams International's Dental Van to provide our families with much needed dental care.  Each month they arrive and take care of a variety of dental issues, every thing from cavities to root canals.

Thank you Medical Teams International for bringing such a wonderful program to Lynnwood Food Bank.

Call the Food Bank office at (425) 745-1635 to get your name on our wait list for free dental care.

Financial Assistance partnership

with the salvation army

The Lynnwood Food Bank partners with The Salvation Army to provide social services to families of Lynnwood. This primarily takes place in the form of utility assistance and gas vouchers to help people get to work.  

Being able to provide groceries and financial assistance is how we work to keep families in their homes. If they can spend their money on housing and allow us to help them with food and other necessities, then we can help keep people in their homes.

Assistance is based on funds available, call the Lynnwood Food Bank at (425) 745-1635 for more information.

Pilot program: 

senior hunger prevention

As we attempt to reach senior citizens that are facing food insecurity, but not receiving services at any food bank, we have developed a small pilot program that is seeing success. 

This program combines outreach, having seniors partner with their neighbors, and a small self-shop distribution of healthy groceries.  With this pilot we are truly embracing the philosophy of 'neighbors helping neighbors' to successfully bring people that need food assistance to a point where they are comfortable receiving help.

As a pilot program, this is not an open distribution but a project with specific members and objectives.  As success continues, we will continue to expand the program.

Intern programs:

partnership with service alternatives

Lynnwood Food Bank works with Community & Employment Services, a division of Service Alternatives, to provide opportunities for people who are moving from reliance on public assistance to employment.

Service Alternatives provides many supportive services for the interns including in-depth case management through their internship and job search.

Lynnwood Food Bank provides job and skills training and regular feed back on how to be a good employee and how to reach success in their current internship and future employment.  We have had many wonderful volunteer interns successfully complete this program and go on to find employment with non-profit organizations and businesses such as Coca Cola.