Lynnwood food bank

grocery distribution

We provide groceries to families and individuals in our community.  Families may come to the Food Bank every week to receive services which include canned and dry goods, meats, deli and dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, desserts, bread, and miscellaneous items. Each week’s distribution will be different based on donations received throughout the week.

We receive groceries from: You, government commodities (TEFAP, EFAP, CSFP, FEMA), Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest, Safeway, Albertsons, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Central Market, Cash & Carry, Sprouts, and food drives from local schools, businesses, churches, and individuals.  

We are currently serving an average of 2,458 families and 8,675 individuals with groceries each month and we are proud of the large percentage of fresh food that we are able to provide.

Thank you!

On site distributions: Wednesdays 11am - 5pm and Fridays 10am - 1pm.

South Lynnwood Mobile distribution

Mobile distribution in South Lynnwood!

Making services more accessible, if you live in South Lynnwood or if you are at work or school during our traditional distribution, you can come see us on Saturday morning in the community.

Our truck has refrigeration and a freezer which allows us to offer many of the same foods you find at the food bank building. Bring your own bags and come check us out!

Saturdays10:15am - 11:15am

At Whispering Cedars apartment complex, at the mailboxes

6501 208th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Get your groceries from the food truck in South Lynnwood!

Edmonds community college

partnership food pantry

The term 'starving college students' isn't a joke, and we have been working with Edmonds College to make sure that students facing food insecurity do not go hungry.

Lynnwood Food Bank serves Edmonds College with an on-site distribution in the food truck once per week and by supporting their on-site student pantry.

LFB serves Edmonds College students groceries from the food truck at the Edmonds College Olympic Building every Thursday.

7010 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Thursdays 1pm - 3pm

Edmonds School District

partnership food pantry

Working with Nourishing Network, a program in the Foundation for Edmonds School District that serves students and their families, Lynnwood Food Bank supports several pop-up pantries in the schools. 

LFB supports these monthly pantries by providing fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, bread, and the all-important dessert for each family.  We are happy to provide the most nutritious foods available for the growing minds of our children. 

Cooking demonstrations

& nutrition education

1 in 10 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with diabetes. 1 in 3 people that use food banks in the U.S. have been diagnosed with diabetes. One of the most common reasons for this statistic is that unhealthy foods are more affordable and accessible to lower income households. 

Lynnwood Food Bank strives to provide healthy options for our customers. We focus on nutrition by spending our money on foods that offer more nutrition, such as meats, eggs, dairy, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.  

Additionally, we work with several organizations to provide a nutrition education program to teach our customers about the foods they eat and how to prepare them. We collaborate with Verdant Health Commission, SNAP Education, Sound Dietitians, Seattle Pacific University, American Heart Association, and more. Programs include live cooking demonstrations, video cooking demos, video nutrition tips, one on one conversations with dietetic interns, recipes, nutrition handouts, and more.

For additional recipes and nutrition tips, check out Lynnwood Food Bank's Facebook page and Lynnwood Food Bank's You Tube page.

Celebrating culture

Lynnwood is the most diverse city of Snohomish County and Lynnwood Food Bank serves a large and diverse population. We believe that culture should be both respected and celebrated as diversity makes us better.

We also recognize that racial inequality is one of the root causes of poverty and food insecurity.  Although we cannot solve the world's problems, our actions do make a small difference and that is our goal. 

With nutrition education that has a focus on culture and culturally traditional foods, we hope that we can make a difference in the health disparity along racial and socio- economic lines.  We are making efforts to provide nutrition education in Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Amharic, Arabic, Russian, and Ukraine. These programs take time and volunteers from our community. If you are willing and able to contribute to translation services, we would appreciate your volunteer time.

Despite the issues with the supply chain, which are heavily affecting our supply, we are offering traditionally cultural food from the following regions: Latin, Asian, African (Western and Eastern), Middle Eastern, and Slavic. Donations of food from these areas are always welcome, along with low-sodium foods, gluten free, and sugar free.

As I mentioned, change doesn't happen overnight, not even at the food bank. Our goals are to be consistent in our actions and to continue learning and improving ourselves and our programs. If you want to be a part of our small movement, we welcome you with open arms. If you want to support our diverse community, you have so many options in how to do so, your time, talents and resources are an amazing gift. Thank you.

If you are an immigrant

  • You are welcome at Lynnwood Food Bank and we appreciate that you are willing to trust us to serve you.
  • If you do not have ID, that is okay, we will still serve you.
  • You do not have to share your information with us, we will still serve you. However, if you share your information with us, your information is safe and confidential. We will not share your information with any other person or organization including the government. 
  • Our statistics reports include the number of households we serve, the number of people that we serve in age groups; 0-2, 3-18, 19 - 54, 55+, and if you live in the city, out of the city, or out of the county.

If you are LGBTQ+

  • You are welcome at Lynnwood Food Bank. We are a diverse group of volunteers and we welcome you to our organization as customers and/or volunteers.
  • Please consider LFB a safe space.

Dental Van partnership

with medical teams international

We are very fortunate to be working with Medical Teams International's Dental Van to provide our families with much needed dental care.  Each month they arrive and take care of a variety of dental issues, every thing from cavities to root canals.

Thank you Medical Teams International for bringing such a wonderful program to Lynnwood Food Bank.

Call the Food Bank office at (425) 745-1635 to get your name on our wait list for free dental care.

Financial Assistance partnership

with the salvation army

The Lynnwood Food Bank partners with The Salvation Army to provide social services to families of Lynnwood. This primarily takes place in the form of utility assistance and gas vouchers to help people get to work.  

Being able to provide groceries and financial assistance is how we work to keep families in their homes. If they can spend their money on housing and allow us to help them with food and other necessities, then we can help keep people in their homes.

Assistance is based on funds available, call the Lynnwood Food Bank at (425) 745-1635 for more information.

Pilot program: 

senior hunger prevention

As we attempt to reach senior citizens that are facing food insecurity, but not receiving services at any food bank, we have developed a small pilot program that is seeing success. 

This program combines outreach, having seniors partner with their neighbors, and a small self-shop distribution of healthy groceries.  With this pilot we are truly embracing the philosophy of 'neighbors helping neighbors' to successfully bring people that need food assistance to a point where they are comfortable receiving help.

As a pilot program, this is not an open distribution but a project with specific members and objectives.  As success continues, we will continue to expand the program.

Intern programs:

partnership with service alternatives

Lynnwood Food Bank works with Community & Employment Services, a division of Service Alternatives, to provide opportunities for people who are moving from reliance on public assistance to employment.

Service Alternatives provides many supportive services for the interns including in-depth case management through their internship and job search.

Lynnwood Food Bank provides job and skills training and regular feed back on how to be a good employee and how to reach success in their current internship and future employment.  We have had many wonderful volunteer interns successfully complete this program and go on to find employment with non-profit organizations and businesses such as Coca Cola.

Department of Social and health services partnership

We provide DSHS pre-made bags of non-perishable groceries, non-perishable lunches, and children's snacks to distribute to people that are requesting assistance when local food banks are not accessible due to the time/day.