Donate to Lynnwood Food Bank

Most Needed

As of 12/26/2023

Right now, we need everything! 

Our most needed items include:

  • Canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, pasta sauce
  • Pasta, rice, whole grains, side dishes
  • Canned fruit, vegetables, soups, 
  • Dry beans, lentils, quinoa,
  • Cultural foods; particularly Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern
  • Dietary; gluten free, low-sodium, sugar free, plant based, alternative milk (shelf stable)
  • Baking and cooking supplies (oil, flour, etc.)

Volunteer needs:

  • Grocery Rescue (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
  • Sorting/ Prep: Monday
  • Distribution: Wednesday, Friday
  • Traffic assistance: Wednesday, Friday

Holiday Hours and Services


  • 2024 dates coming soon


  • 2024 dates coming soon


Program closed.

Thank You!

Lynnwood Food Bank has hundreds of organizations and individuals that support our fight against food insecurity with their money, gifts in kind, and time. Each and every gift is appreciated and valued by us, however we want to say and extra thank you to the following corporations: THANK YOU!

  • Our grocery stores


    • Trader Joe's, 196th Lynnwood
    • Safeway, 196th Lynnwood
    • Costco Business, Hwy 99 Lynnwood
    • Safeway, 148th Lynnwood
    • Costco, 33rd Ave. Lynnwood
    • Safeway, Bothell/Everett Hwy Bothell
    • Whole Foods, 196th Lynnwood
    • Costco Wholesale, Hwy 99 Shoreline
  • Verdant Health Commission


    Verdant Health Commission is once again funding Lynnwood Food Bank's 'Focus on Nutrition' program. 

    This includes funding for the purchase of additional fruits, vegetables, and cultural foods.

    Additional funding will be spent on cooking demonstrations, translation/interpretation of nutrition materials, and the printing of a multi-cultural cookbook.

    Focusing on Nutrition and culture helps increase the health of our community. Thank you Verdant Health Commission!

  • Hazel Miller Foundation


    The Hazel Miller Foundation had consistently supported Lynnwood Food Bank and its mission for many years. 

    Each funding cycle is spent 100% on the purchase of additional nutritious foods for our community. 

    Thank you Hazel Miller Foundation for supporting our community!

  • City of Lynnwood


    The City of Lynnwood has been a great support to our community for several years. 

    • Funding with CARES Act funds to contribute to the purchase of a food truck which increases accessibility to community members by providing grocery distribution in various locations.
    • Funding with ARPA funds for the purchase of food (100% towards food) for our community during record breaking numbers being served post COVID.
  • Fogo de Chao Lynnwood


    Fogo de Chao had been a supporter of Lynnwood Food Bank since they opened in 2023. They have shown that they 100% believe in the service that food banks provide in the community. 

    Thank you for the financial support, the support of our volunteer program, and for hosting our first ever fundraiser in October 2023.

  • Lynnwood Kiwanis


    Thank you to this wonderful community for their continual support in fundraising and food raising.

    We appreciate your support and always enjoy your meetings!