Lynnwood Food Bank at a Glance

Food is love

In the past year Lynnwood Food Bank had distributed more than 5,000,000 pounds of food to more than 151,000 people. 

We serve our community as an act of love.

food is community

Lynnwood Food Bank's impact is made greater by our community of volunteers, all people that are here to serve our neighbors.  Additionally, we partner with many organizations to better serve our community. 

We are a community.

food is culture

Lynnwood Food Bank serves almost 67% people of color and/or immigrants. We strive to do so with a diverse community of volunteers, with a respect to the culture and food needs of our diverse population.

Culture is who we are.

food is health

With a health disparity along socio-economic and racial lines, we put strong effort into providing nutritious and cultural options for our community. We also offer many opportunities for people to learn more about cooking, nutrition, and dietary health related issues.

Health is essential.