The Importance of Nutrition

Lynnwood Food Bank has a robust nutrition program. We have chosen this focus as a matter of social justice to help fight against the health disparity that exists along socio-economic and racial lines.  Our program includes:

  • Additional purchasing of fresh fruits
  • Additional purchasing of fresh vegetables
  • Additional purchasing of cultural foods
  • Nutrition handouts in multiple languages
  • Live cooking demonstrations
  • Video cooking demonstrations
  • Nutrition tip videos for teaching moments
  • One on One talks for customers with our dietetic interns; opportunities for questions and learning

LFB’s primary focus and mission is food security with the goal of providing nutritious food for our community in South Snohomish County.  Additionally, we are affecting health outcomes by ensuring our food options focus on nutrition and by providing prevention and education opportunities. By providing nutritious and cultural options in food for our community, our services affect mental health issues as well. A recent CDC study on food insecurity in America found that food insecurity is associated with a 257% higher risk of anxiety and a 253% higher risk of depression. The consistency in access, the quality of food, and the opportunities to interact and connect with volunteers and staff all lead to lowering the stress of food insecurity.

Dietary Blood Pressure Management


Gut Health


Find More Nutrition Tips on our You Tube page!

More nutrition tips are available on our You Tube page, and more will be posted all year long. 

Below are the links to a couple more samples: