Monday and Tuesday 7am - 2pm

* 7am - 2pm (most of the work is done by noon)

* Sorting, stocking, organizing the warehouse

Wednesday 7am - 6pm

* Set-up 7am

* Sort and stock fresh/frozen goods & prep produce

* Distribution 11am - 5pm

* Clean up until 6pm

Friday 7am - 2pm

* Set up 7am

* Distribution 10am - 1pm

* Clean up until 2pm

* Sorting and stocking throughout distribution

Thursday and Saturday

* Mobile distributions in Lynnwood have limited positions, call for information 425-745-1635

Grocery Rescue

Six days a week we go to a variety of grocery stores to pick up donations. Thank you Trader Joe's, Safeway Corp., Costco, Whole Foods and Town & Country Market for sharing your groceries with Lynnwood Food Bank.

This is an essential part of Lynnwood Food Bank and how we access many of our fresh foods that we distribute.

Must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Good driving record, if driving
  • Ability to lift 30+ lbs. and partner lift 50 lbs.
  • Ability to bend, twist, and turn
  • Able to provide a consistent schedule of assistance and let us know when unavailable so that we can find a substitute.

Two people work as a team; one person drives and the other assists. Both people work with the grocery store receiving clerks, sort, weigh and box donations and bring back to the food bank to store properly. 

Current needs:

  • Monday, assistant
  • Tuesday, driver and assistant
  • Wednesday, driver and assistant
  • Friday, assistant
  • Every other Saturday, assistant

Student Volunteers