Why Nutrition Education?

1 in 10 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with diabetes. 1 in 3 people that use food banks in the U.S. have been diagnosed with diabetes. One of the most common reasons for this statistic is that unhealthy foods are more affordable and accessible to lower income households. 

Lynnwood Food Bank strives to provide healthy options for our customers. We focus on nutrition by spending our money on foods that offer more nutrition, such as meats, eggs, dairy, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.  

Additionally, we work with several organizations to provide a nutrition education program to teach our customers about the foods they eat and how to prepare them. We collaborate with Verdant Health Commission, SNAP Education, Sound Dietitians, Seattle Pacific University, American Heart Association, and more. Programs include live cooking demonstrations, video cooking demos, video nutrition tips, one on one conversations with dietetic interns, recipes, nutrition handouts, and more.

Providing information and education to our community in the area of nutrition makes a small dent in the health disparities that exist along socio-economic and racial lines. This is another way we serve our community with love.

Why Cultural Food?

At Lynnwood Food Bank we respect and celebrate all the cultures of our community and we recognize that food is culture. The City of Lynnwood is diverse, and that is reflected in our Food Bank community members.

As we strive to increase healthy options for our community, it is part equity and inclusion and part our love for our community members that makes the issue of culturally traditional food relevant to our mission.

As we work to increase healthy options it is also important to note that many cultural foods are healthy options. Although nutrition is science, food is personal and healthy eating is different for everyone.

Sharing food with people that experience food insecurity is our commitment to our community. Providing healthy and culturally traditional foods with our multi-cultural community is our goal.