Cooking Demonstrations

We all love learning new recipes, new techniques as well as nutrition information about the foods we like to eat.

Lynnwood Food Bank has a series of videos available to help you learn:

  • low cost recipes
  • recipes using foods often found at food banks
  • new ways to make cultural foods
  • new ways to make traditional foods
  • nutritional facts about the foods we choose

LFB also has live cooking demonstrations during some of our distributions where you get to taste the food that is made. Yum!

We hope you enjoy these recipes!

Check Our YouTube Page for More Videos


Learn to make Ukrainian  Borscht

with Jesse

Green Chicken Chili

Learn to make a Tex Mex Green Chicken Chili with Warren

Doro Wat

Learn to make Ethiopian Doro Wat

with Katie

Pupusa with Curtido

Learn to make El Salvadoran Pupusa with Curtido with Jesse

Atakilt Wat - Ethiopian Cabbage with Katie